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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events:

Barrio Manouche 

Friday, February 14th

Barrio Manouche plays music inspired by the places they come from and the places they have lived, those that have come before, and the nomadic spirit. They believe that music is a primary form of expression and use it to describe the world as they see it.

"Tocamos la música inspirada por los barrios en donde nacimos y en los que hemos vivido después, aquellos que nos preceden, basada en el espíritu nómada. Creemos que la música es una forma expresión y la utilizamos para contar como vemos el mundo."

The San Francisco-based acoustic ensemble performs a repertoire of original compositions with an emotionally charged sound that is difficult to classify yet instantly recognizable. The group’s international roots shine brightly in their music with members from Spain, Quebec, France, Brazil and California and is deeply influenced by a wide range of musical traditions.  


Welcome to Macey Conference Center

Macey Center is a spacious, versatile performing arts, special events and conference center with a scenic mountain backdrop including an adjacent pond and golf course. Macey contains attractive meeting rooms, a theater that seats over 600, and two spacious lobbies for displays, lunches and dinners, or special events like wedding and anniversary receptions.

Central Location

Macey Center is an integral part of New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. It is located in central New Mexico at the junction of Interstate 25 and Highway 60 - West, making it a highly accessible location for any event. The Center’s placement two hours north of Las Cruces and two hours south of Santa Fe will allow all your conference members to drive to and from events on the same day.

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